Bryan Adams《Everything I Do》一切为了你

Bryan Adams《Everything I Do》一切为了你

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《Everything I Do》由加拿大歌手Bryan Adams(布莱恩·亚当斯)演唱,这是他的成名曲,发行于1991年,作为电影《罗宾汉》主题曲而红极一时。

一首百听不厌的永恒经典。优美哀伤的旋律缓缓而来,高音部分激情悠扬,Bryan Adams磁性沙哑的嗓音,沧桑而有力量,男儿气概尽显,唱到伤心处毫不掩饰撕心裂肺的真挚情感,令听者为之深深感动,沉醉其中不能自拔。


Bryan Adams 1959年出生,加拿大歌手,八十年代崛起最受欢迎的摇滚歌手之一。

Everything I Do - Bryan Adams

Look into my eyes

You will see

What you mean to me 

Search your heart 

Search your soul

And when you find me there

You'll search no more 

Don't tell me

It's not worth trying for 

You can't tell me

It's not worth dying for 

You know it's true

Everything I do 

I do it for you 

Look into your heart

You will find

There's nothing there to hide 

Take me as I am 

Take my life 

I would give it all 

I would sacrifice 

Don't tell me

It's not worth fighting for

I can't help it 

There's nothing I want more

You know it's true

Everything I do 

I do it for you  oh  yeah 

There's no love like your love

And no other could give more love 

There's nowhere unless you're there

All the time  all the way  yeah 

Look into your heart  baby   

Oh  you can't tell me

It's not worth trying for 

I can't help it 

There's nothing I want more 

Yeah  I would fight for you 

I'd lie for you 

Walk the wire for you 

Yeah  I'd die for you 

You know it's true

Everything I do 

Oh  I do it for you 


Oh,I have forgotten how many times I have listened to Bryan Adams singing"Everything I do" and how many comments I have made on it,and how long I have been hypnotised in his hoarse yet high voice enough to stop the flying clouds and to awake anybody in their dreams and since what time I have been mesmerised in Robinhood.Without fail,every time,I listen to this classic song,I fall victim to Bryan Adams weatherbeaten voice and image.The more I listen,the more I worship her and Robinhood.

Oh,in my humble opinion,only those who have experienced enough ups and downs and have enough wisdom to look through the world and have enough capital to encounter any challenge can sing the essence of this song out.Oh,such omnipresent,omnipotent and omniscient love can only be possessed by the rare few and enjoyed by the chosen few.

Oh,only selfless parents will do everything for their kids,because they love their fruits unconditionally.Oh,only selfless teachers can do everything for their students,because they love education and students like anything.Oh,only selfless employees will do everything for their unit because their fate is bound with it.Oh,only God will do everything for his believers because he loves them like his children.Oh,only obsessed and pure lovers will do everything for each other,because their love finds them doing so.Amen.